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How best to use Hydrastay before an endurance event?

For the best results take 1 sachet per day, 3 days ahead of your race.

How does Hydrastay work?

Hydrastay taps in to one of nature’s secrets, which enables it to:

  • protect your body’s cells from losing water
  • protect your body’s cells, proteins and DNA from damaging free radicals
  • enhance the repair of your soft tissue, like ligaments and tendons

The unique formulation does this because it consists of ingredients that boost the absorption of the core ingredient; Proline; a naturally occurring amino acid used by plants to protect them from dehydration during times of drought.

This ingredient allows cells to hold onto water more effectivelyinside the cell. It is here that the heart of your performance lies. Healthy, hydrated cells perform optimally – which means tissue, like muscle – performs optimally.

In addition to boosting hydration; a study at the National Centre for Biotechnology Information in the U.S. has shown that Prolineprotects cells from oxidative or “heat” stress.

This is a condition that can occur in cells during times of high volumes of endurance exercise. During intense exercise conditions, highly reactive compounds known as free radicals are released into the body where they can potentially damage cells, proteins and DNA. Supplementing diets with Proline can protect the body from being damaged by these compounds.

The benefits don’t stop there.

Decreases in Proline are commonly seen in runners and other endurance athletes because it is a key ingredient used by the body to repair soft tissue. So endurance athletes that boost their Proline intake will be enhancing the repair of damaged ligaments and tendons.

Can I take in gels while using Hydrastay?

Hydrastay contains a nominal 11,3 g of carbohydrate to facilitate with the absorption of the key ingredient, Proline. You can continue with your usual nutritional plan.

Can I take in too much Hydrastay?

The recommended daily dose of Proline is between 500 – 1000 mg per day. Each sachet ofHydrastay contains enough Proline to meet this requirement.

I tend to cramp, does Hydrastay have electrolytes to prevent cramping?

Although Hydrastay contains 360 mg of potassium (an electrolyte in the body), the product is not indicated for the relief of muscle cramping. Notably, there is a growing voice amongst sport scientists that muscle cramping; as experienced by many non-professional athletes; is more commonly associated with under-training rather than a deficiency of electrolytes.

Will Hydrastay impact my digestive system or leave me feeling nauseous?

No, because it is formulated as an isotonic solution based on amino acids and polysaccharides. Therefore, it does not draw water into the digestive system rapidly to cause bloating and discomfort.

Can I add other supplements to the Hydrastay?

Yes, but not products containing high levels of electrolytes.

Can I prepare my Hydrastay the night before the event or will it degrade and go off?

The product is stabilised and contains no volatile active substance, therefore you can prepare it the night before. However, the ‘fizziness’ will dissipate, and it is recommended to consume within 24 hours after preparation.

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